Quote Challenge #2

@swakdesigns's photo: "Love this. Where are our Harry Potter fans?"

Lets face it, we live in a world where the skinnier the better. It doesn’t mater if you are anorexic or not as long as you are skinny then you are healthy. This message is one that has been going on for too long started by some people in Hollywood. Today, there are people who are starving themselves just to be thin. There are those who are making themselves sick after they eat just to lose an extra pound. Instead, of starving and vomiting on a daily basis, why not try looking in a mirror and saying what is good about yourself rather than what the world expects from you. So, you ate a bacon cheeseburger with fries for dinner, big deal! One meal is not going to make you unhealthy, as long as you EAT healthy and exercise then you are already making strides to a healthier life. There is more to life than worrying about body image. Diets to the point where you eat nothing but lettuce for months at a time doesn’t do the trick. A healthy diet is the one that you should focus on. By, talking to a doctor or nutritionist to help you out with making changes to your diet. Not by taking the route that makes you sick. Don’t forget it is who the person is on the inside not on the outside.

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