Quotes Challenge #3

Audrey...A great role model. She was more than a beautiful woman she was also a great humanitaraian.

There is a lot of pain and suffering in this world an many others need love and care. By taking care of one another is the first step. On a daily basis we hear about the cruelties of the world and those who are suffering the most in those countries. No one deserves to suffer the pain of starvation or the horrors of war. No one deserves to go on through their life without a proper education or drinking dirty water. So many people in the world have to worry about where their next meal is coming from, drink from a soiled river, leave school early to work, and witness the violence of war too early on in life. This quote by Audrey Hepburn, along with this picture, reflects the suffering of then and now in the world. Hopefully, one day there will be a day when none of this existent and everyone has the right to live with human dignity.

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