Happy Birthday J.K. Rowling!


One of my writing inspirations is J.K. Rowling! The author of the Harry Potter series who was persistent enough to make it a reality. After being turned down by various publishers, she never gave up hope. I really do admire J.K. Rowling and hope she has a fantastic birthday. There was so much she had to over come before she got where she is today. A real life rags to riches story she is able to prove that  dream can come true if you work hard and believe. J.K. Rowling is by far an amazing woman who has, not just inspired me, but many others world wide.

Harry Potter Studio Tour Part 6: The Potion Lab and Horcruxes


The one class that Harry Potter had to come face to face with the vicious Professor Snape. In this classroom that was fully restored there were the props, costumes, and setting for what the classroom had looked like throughout all of the films. Potions was the one class that Harry and his friends dreaded because of how horrible Professor Snape is. But, getting to see the classroom for myself was fantastic.

Also, seeing all of Voldemorts horcruxes was quite interesting as well. All of them were there, except Harry Potter and Nagini. Great props that have been restored for all to see.


Harry Potter Studio Tours Part 5: Dumbledore’s Office and Various Props


Getting to see what Albus Dumbledore’s office looks like up close is mesmerizing. There is so much detail just from looking through one window and into the legendary headmaster’s office. The inside of the office is set up just like it was for the movie. Just like with the Great Hall and the Gryffindor Common room there is so much more detail to see up close. Along the way to Dumbledore’s Office there were some pieces of scenery from around Hogwarts and props they had used in the Triwizard Tournament from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as well as other movies. As well as the final costumes that were worn by the trio in the final movie.




Blogging 201: Day 10 Give ‘Em What They Want

Day 10 is about creating a poll to get advice on how make your blog better for readers. The poll that I have devised has come from long thought and what I feel I need to improve on. Hopefully, with the results of this poll I will be able to improve my blog so I can give ’em what they want.

How this works, answer a question with a short answer.

1. What do you like to read most on my blog?

2. How often do you visit my blog?

3. What do you feel I need to back off of?

4. What do you think I need to improve on?

That is all folks for now, if there are any more notes and/or comments you would like to add, then add it! I am very open to criticism!

Harry Potter Studios Part 4: Gryffindor Common Room, and Various Props


As proven in the previous post there were several different props that were used for scenes among several different backgrounds. Getting to see the gate that lead into Hogwarts followed by the Gryffindor Common Room was great. There was so much detail to see in these two different pieces of scenery that I never noticed before. To see all of this up close was a dream come true. When watching the movie, I paid attention to what was going on in the scene and not the detail that was in everything. There was so much to be seen up close. The stone work, the pictures, and the paintings to see them up close really adds to the dedication to detail the team had in making the film. From the hallway of the Leaky Cauldron to the props used in the Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom, nothing disappointed.






Harry Potter Studios Part 3: Yule Ball, Wigs, and Various Costumes


Throughout the tour there were several costumes and props that were shown. But, nothing compared to the exhibit of the Yule Ball. The ball represented the growth of the young witches and wizards into adult hood and the exhibit did not disappoint. Following the Yule Ball part, there was a collection of various costumes and wigs that were worn through out the movie. Although, there were costumes that were shown through out the exhibit, most of the costumes that were shown couldn’t be fit into one. I was happy see more costumes and wigs. I know that sounds weird, but seeing them was truly amazing.



Blogging 201: Day 9 The Buddy System

Would any one like to be my buddy? Sounds like a question a kid would ask their friend. I remember being in Girl Scouts and asking the other girls to be my buddy. So, today’s assignment has actually brought back the memory of the buddy system. Find a person to be your blog buddy! Along with getting a blogging buddy to be a guest blogger from time to time. So would anyone like to be my blogging buddy?

Harry Potter Studio Tour Part 2: The Great Hall


Upon entry into the Harry Potter Studio Tour you walk straight into the Great Hall. The place where the staff and students of Hogwarts would gather to eat, study, and socialize. There were costumes and wigs that were worn by the cast that are in good condition, including the first costume Daniel Radcliffe ever wore as Harry Potter.


As I looked around the Great hall there was much that I was able to see for the first time in my life. I was able to see that the stone carvings around the hall are of the mascots of the houses of Hogwarts (lion, snake, badger, and eagle). There was the dueling table all set up from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets inside as well. All four tables were set up for dinner just like they were in the movies. It was amazing to start off the first of the tour inside the Great Hall.


Harry Potter Studio Tours Part 1

The next few posts about my trip to England are going to be about the Harry Potter Studio Tour. There was so much to see and do once inside. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, so getting to see how the movie was made among the props, make-up, costumes, and set was a dream come true. I highly recommend going there to anyone who loves Harry Potter. This tour did not disappoint me one bit.



The start of the tour began with showing the Flying Ford Anglia from the Chamber of Secrets and a prop from Dumbledore’s office surrounded by images of the cast. Followed by showing the interior to the Dursleys home where Harry Potter first lived and the story began.



Blogging 201: Day Eight Make Your Blog a Hub

With the internet becoming the way for many people to grow and expand making my blog a hub is one thing that I am currently going to have to work on. Although, I do not have any pages on sites like Tumblr yet, I do hope to make one. Getting recommendations would be great. I do hope to, in the near future, to self publish on Amazon.com, so if I get a page there then I will definitely link it. Any suggestions for hub sites would be greatly appreciated.