A Little Bit of Anger

Aaaargh! These 'Inside Out' posters -- they just -- GAAAAHHH! THEY JUST KEEP COMING!Last week, I saw Inside Out, the new Disney/ Pixar movie about the little voices inside your head, also known as emotions. The one emotion that I found the most entertaining was Anger, the little red guy said everything that was on everyone’s mind. Never letting anything go, quickly, Anger was there to make things go less smoothly. I am not an angry person, but I was able to relate to Anger the most because of the comedic expertise done by Lewis Black. However, where would we be without anger? Anger is what makes us want to work harder to achieve a goal. Anger is the emotion that has to be controlled the most when we are frustrated. I found myself being able to relate to anger in the movie because of what he represented. Everything does not go your way all the time, but the important thing is to control you anger. This little emotion can go along way if you take things the wrong way. Anger was the emotion in Inside Out with all of the quirky answers to what is wrong with the world. I found Anger had all of the answers to certain things, but not the right answer to everything. Learning to control anger is an important part of life, so is understanding things you cannot change.

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