Oh Joy!

Inside Out Movie PosterBefore, I left on my Hawaiian vacation I had seen Inside Out, the newest and fantastic Disney/Pixar film. I have already done posts on Sadness and Anger, a couple weeks ago. So, I have decided to do a post on the emotion Joy! Joy is the main emotion in the movie voiced by Amy Poehler. One to take command and not let anyone mess with Riley, the girl whose emotions they are, she stops at nothing. Even if it means isolating some of the emotions.

Through out the movie we see her do this constantly to Sadness. She doesn’t want Sadness to ruin Riley’s life. Little does she know, Riley needs to be sad in order to grow. Joy tends to become a bit of a bully through out the film as the time goes on. She wants everyone to be happy all the time and feel in the light that she has created. In the end, Joy realizes that Riley cannot be happy all the time and the other emotions are there for a reason. Joy begins to accept, not only Sadness, but the other emotions for who they are as well. Joy is the emotion that represents happiness and all that should go right in the world, only to learn that she needs to let the other emotions take hold sometimes in order to let things change.

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