Embracing Fear

We're afraid that Bill Hader is the perfect voice actor for Fear in Disney Pixar's Inside Out animation. #nesteduniverseDesigned to look like a raw nerve, fear in Inside Out by Disney/Pixar tends to be a bit of comedic relief in this film. However, fear is something that we cannot live without. Not knowing what something is gives a bit of mystery to life. Fear lets us explore what is new, while telling us what to stay away from. In Inside Out, Fear is there to express how he feels. Fear is not one to go unheard leading to a lesson. Fear tells the others everything, expressing about how one small thing can go wrong. In reality, fear is something that tends to get in the way of our lives. The important thing is to look over fear, while embracing the unknown. Fear is the first one to worry about something, but learns later on that certain things, like broccoli, are safe. Fear is one emotion that makes us more human than other emotions we have.


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