After parasailing and drinking coffee, SNUBAing was next on the list! You are probably wondering what SNUBA is, basically it is a cross between SCUBA diving and snorkeling. When I found out I was going to Hawaii, I wanted to go SCUBA diving. However, since I am not certified to SCUBA I went with SNUBA instead. The difference between SCUBA and SNUBA (not just the C and the N) but you are attached to a raft with air with an air tube.

Getting geared up with weight to hold under water and goggles was quite easy. The only thing I found awkward was putting the breathing device in my mouth. It felt weird at first putting it in and taking it out. But, I got used to it after a while.

The marine life that I saw underwater was equivalent to the opening scene in Finding Nemo. Except it was a little darker and I didn’t see any clown fish or a regal blue tang, it was perfect. I learned through this trip how sharp coral can be, accidentally scraping my knee on some. I know coral sharp, who would have thunk it? But, it really is sharp and hard. Thankfully, my dad has a go-pro, so many of the pictures were taken through that wonderful device.

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