The Romanovs

Tsar Nicholas, Tsarina Alexandra, Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia and Alexie.

Anastasia Romanov. Russian princess. Her family was assassinated and there was rumour that she was alive, however she was never found.One of the greatest mystery stories that has fascinated me is the story of Anastasia, Grand Duchess of Russia. Born into Russian royalty of Tzar Nicholas II and Tzarina Alexandra, she had three older sisters: Olga, Tatiana, and Maria and one younger brother Alexei. She and her family were all supposedly assassinated on July 17, 1918. In the midst of the Russian Revolution one of the greatest mysteries was born. Throughout the years, many women have come forward claiming to be her. The most famous of those woman being Anna Anderson who has convinced many that she is/was Anastasia. Grand Duchess of Russia Maria and her brother Tzarevitch Alexei

After many years of searching they found the graves of the Romanovs. The graves were dug up and two of the bodies were missing. One of the bodies was identified as being of Tsarevich Alexei, Anastasias younger brother, and another female. Many automatically assumed that it was the body of Anastasia. However, later it was proven that it was her older sister Maria, who was missing. The mystery of what happened to the missing Romanovs lives on.

Anastasia (1997)~Just wishing I could do the job for you, sir. I'd give her a HA! And a HI-YA! And then a OUU-WA! And I'd kick her, sir.Although, this is a day late, the Romanovs are a royal tragedy that has interested me for a long time. From the moment I watched the 20th Century movie Anastasia to now. I will admit the movie is made up, but it adds interest into what happened. Throughout his reign, Nicholas II made several mistakes by trusting in Rasputin to make disastrous choices during World War I for him. Several of these decisions resulted in death and suffering to the Russian people. Unfortunately, for him this resulted in leading to a revolution where he and his family would lose their lives.

Romanov's Shallow Grave SiteBefore the war, Karl Marx’s The Communist Manifesto had gripped the revolutionaries leading to communism to rise in Russia. I will admit there was Nicholas II was not the best ruler in the world by laying trust into the wrong people and blatant ignorance. Due to his families royal blood the revolutionaries feared that the powers of Europe would put Alexei, because he was male he was the only one would could legally claim the throne, in power. As history would tell this meant that they all had to pass in their eyes. Even though Nicholas II had abdicated the throne due to pressure, that was not enough.

The room in the Ipatiev House, the place of the murder of the Romanovs. There are traces of blood on the wall.After the abdication the family had gone into hiding. On the night of July 17, 1918 they were called to move to another place. Assuming it was to another safe house from the revolutionaries they willingly complied. Once they got to their location they were informed that they were all going to perish there. After being informed they were assassinated in a hail of bullets. Once killed they were taken and buried in the woods of Russia.

The remains of the romanov family in storage at the bureau for... News Photo 170983271 | Getty ImagesAfter they were killed, Vladimir Lenin, the head communist had claimed responsibility for Nicholas II death. But, he as well as everyone else knew that the powers of Europe and many others would not tolerate the deaths of an innocent woman and children. Therefore, they kept their secret until one day, a photograph was found and their remains discovered. Admittedly, many had figured out that they were all killed that night. Due to fearing backlash, no one wanted to claim responsibility.

The Romanov FamilyThe Romanovs have since been canonized in the Russian Orthodox Church and are remembered for their brutal death. There are memorials and plaques with their names. The family that had perished in a gruesome way are now at peace. I will admit Nicholas II reign was marred by stupidity and ignorance at his own hand. But, the mystery of what happened to two of the missing Romanovs just adds a mystery that I can’t help but enjoy to read up on.

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