McBryde and Allerton Garden

On the last day in Kauai, I got to see the beautiful McBryde and Allerton Gardens. This vivacious place has become an attraction after a man lived a very private life. With all of the money in the world given to Robert Allerton as a depressed young man. He wanted to be an artist but, his father had purchased a reasonable amount of land and he was able to let his artistic side flow. Throughout, the garden tour we were able to see fountains on top of the flowers.







Once we were done with the Allerton garden, we got to see the McBryde garden. There was a picturesque waterfall and medicinal plants galore. The waterfall was in the perfect location with a pond right below.Through this tour there were many things to be learned about the history behind the two gardens. Upon the arrival into the McBryde garden, I learned that Queen Emma of Hawaii had lived there most of her life. She used to take pleasure in the garden around her. In the pond below the waterfall is where she would bath.



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