Butterfly and Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Last year I was treated to a cruise through Alaska and British Columbia. From writing about my journey through Hawaii, I have decided to go on with the travels of years before. On the last stop on this tour was to British Columbia. A truly beautiful place was the city. After arriving, my family had arranged for a tour of a Butterfly and Butchart Gardens. Two different places with beauty inside.


The first stop was to the Butterfly Garden, there was much more than butterflies to be observed here. There were many birds from the tropics and other insects that were not native to Canada. There was much to be observed here through learning about the different animals that were there. Although, bugs are not considered animals, the most interesting beings I found there were the moths who had spent most of their lives living in cocoons only to die a few days later. It takes about six years for them to evolve into a moth. I forgot the name of these moths, but the story behind them has made me see life in a different perspective.


The second stop was to the beautiful Butchart Gardens. I can’t help but wonder if Jenny Butchart would have thought her garden would grow into what it is today. There is much to be seen among the flowers and statues galore. Like the Allerton and McBryde Garden in Hawaii, the Butchart Gardens are just as wondrous to walk through. As I walked though, I pondered what was it that gave her the idea to grow such a beautiful place knowing that it might not make it through. None the less, the Butchart Gardens in Victoria are a place to be seen.


After viewing these lovely places, we had some time to walk around and enjoy what Victoria had to offer. Once lunch was over, we got to go to a couple of shops and get souvenirs. Then proceeded to see the wonderful sites that make Victoria beautiful and known for.



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