Blogging 201: Day 4 Give’em What They Want

Poetry & Quotes #poetry #quotesAfter looking over some of my former blog posts to see where and how I was able to get followers and stats going, I discovered that it was mainly through poetry. In the past few months poetry is something that I have enjoyed doing, but I have not been blogging poetry lately as I hope to work on a book. Other times it is because I don’t have writers block and can’t seem to write a poem when I want to. Poetry is something that I find freeing in a way to better express myself.

It's time for women to stop being politely angry. -Leymah Gbowee, Nobel Peace Prize Winner #feminism #activismThe second part of my blog that I found works well with followers is my Girl Power section. There are many views and compliments I have gotten through, what I hope, is empowering young girls with positive role models. There are many people who claim that there are no good role models for girls out there. But, I do believe that there are ones that are good to inspire young girls to be who they want to be. I do believe that some of these role models inspire young boys as well. I hope that by opening the door to showing that there are role models for girls where “sexy” and “stupid” aren’t their only good attributes. But, brains, morals, and self confidence are with them as well. In the world we live in so many girls are taught to focus on being dumb and their figure, not much else.

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