Harry Potter Studio Tour Part 2: The Great Hall


Upon entry into the Harry Potter Studio Tour you walk straight into the Great Hall. The place where the staff and students of Hogwarts would gather to eat, study, and socialize. There were costumes and wigs that were worn by the cast that are in good condition, including the first costume Daniel Radcliffe ever wore as Harry Potter.


As I looked around the Great hall there was much that I was able to see for the first time in my life. I was able to see that the stone carvings around the hall are of the mascots of the houses of Hogwarts (lion, snake, badger, and eagle). There was the dueling table all set up from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets inside as well. All four tables were set up for dinner just like they were in the movies. It was amazing to start off the first of the tour inside the Great Hall.



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