Universal Studios Part 1: Harry Potter World

you can probably guess, I am a huge fan of Harry Potter. Back in 2011, right before the final movie came out, my family and I went down to Orlando, Florida to Universal Studios. I thought, I was the Harry Potter fan in the family, but my sister (who serves as photographer again) high tailed it the first day to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

From the moment we entered the park until we got to Hogwarts castle she did not stop moving. Walking through the Harry Potter section was a dream. This is before the announcement of the opening of the Harry Potter Studios and before I headed off to England. I got to go on the ride in the castle. I will say, go through the castle at least once. Inside they stay true to every little detail that comes with Harry Potter. After that it was time for Butterbeer and lunch in Three Broomsticks. There was a ride around Hagrids hut and a Dragon one too. You were able to walk through Ollivanders shop and see a demonstration. There were shops inside that looked like they just popped out of the movies.

I can’t wait to go back to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! They have updated it since I have been there. I hope to see what have added some day.


The Long Island Duck

Having made several different trips to Long Island over the past couple years there is one spot that sticks out in my mind. The Long Island Duck is a gift shop that is shaped like a duck. There was not much to see and do around the Long Island Duck. None the less, I found the Long Island Duck to be quite the wonder to look at and enjoy.

Fenway Park

I know that I have done a few posts about New York, but at heart I am a true Red Sox fan. Last summer, I was able to go to my first Boston Red Sox game at! My cousin was able to get my dad and I up close tickets, so we weren’t as far away as we thought we would be. Yes, I do hope to go to Fenway again one day. Boston is a fun city to go and hang out in.


March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom


Fifty-two years ago today, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech to over 250,000 people. They were in Washington D.C., to participate in what would be one of the largest political rallies in the United States of America. The call for civil and economic rights for African-Americans was strong with several people arriving by chartered buses, trains, and airplanes to attend the event. Several of celebrities had participated in the march to show the need for change. Marlon Brando, Charlton Heston, James Baldwin, Harry Belafonte, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan were just among some of those who, like many other Americans, took time to go. Planned in only two months by Bayard Rustin with a limited budget, the march was a success and the call for change happened. Although, it did not happen over night, fifty-two years ago today many Americans traveled to show support for the civil rights for all American citizens regardless of who they are.

Fun in Massanutten

One of the jokes that was spread among my family as we drove down was “Massanutten better not be Mass-Of-Nothing”. After looking for the right place to go for vacation, Massanutten, Virginia was recommended to my parents. We went down and did have a good time. My aunt lives a couple of hours away from where we were vacationing, so she came down one day with my two cousins. It was a blast to spend the day together: mini golf, lunch, and tubing down a water slide were just what we did. There was much to do in Massanutten, VA and I do hope to return there one day. By the way, my sister was the main photographer on this trip, many of the pictures are ones that she took.


A Hike in Massanutten

Massanuttan is the part of Virginia my family and I visited. While we were down there we took sometime to take a hike. The hike was a long trek, but none the less worth it. About half way through there was the option of turning back. But, for some reason I decided to go on and finish the hike. It was worth it to make it until the end, but not without getting sweaty and tired. After this hike was done, it was back to the hotel for a quiet and restful night in.


Luray Cavern’s Museum

Not going to lie, there were a couple days when we returned to the location of Luray Caverns. Right next to the caverns was a museum about the equipment that was used. There was quite a bit to see around and learn. There was a butter churn that was operated by a dog who would have been running or walking. There was a piece of old sheet music. Right outside there was a bell with the sign to ring for liberty and peace. Looking at all of this equipment reminded me of how far we have come technologically speaking.


Garden Maze in VA

Another post about a glorious site near Luray Caverns. Right outside there was a garden maze. I am one that is fond of mazes all around! Getting to walk outside in the warm and bright sun after the caverns was just what I needed after a tour of the caverns. Yes, the caverns were amazing as I stated in a previous post. But, walking outside into a garden maze only to spend sometime finding the exit was something worth while. Mazes are something that I find entertaining. Whether it be walking through them or solving them on a piece of paper I find each one of them worth it.

Car and Carriage Museum

Visiting a car museum is something that never gets old. Back when my family was in Virginia, we visited one that was right next to Luray Caverns. Starting off with a carriage all the way to cars of the 1940’s. Having grown up with a grandfather who has a love for working on old cars, visiting a car museum was nothing new. None the less every time that I visit a car museum there is always something different about each one that makes them interesting. There were toys and license plates all around to view. In my opinion, no two car museums are the same. Walking through a car  museum really does go to show how much technology has changed over the years.


Luray Caverns

A couple of years ago, my family and I went to Virginia. One of the sites that we viewed was Luray Caverns. When you go inside you see all around there is a form of art that was formed by rocks. No formation was the same. There was just so much to see that I didn’t want to leave. Even though this was in the middle of the summer, I do admit it was quite cool down inside the caverns. The further down we went the colder it got. None the less, I was able to learn quite a bit about the rock formations that were down there. One of the most interesting things was the work of music down underneath. There was the use of music that could be echoed through out the entire area. It know it sounds lame, but going down underneath to hear music being reflected all around was just pretty. There was so much to see in Luray Caverns that  the pictures can’t just sum it all up.