Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Park

Diana, Princess of Wales was a generous young woman who had lost her life too soon. She was killed tragically in Paris in a car accident. Since her death, there have been many memorials set up in her name. She was not only royalty, but a humanitarian as well. Donating to several charities and introducing her children to poverty in the world. Diana had made a difference in the lives of the many people who she had met and inspired everyone around the world.

While I was in England I was blessed to walk across a park in her name. It was perfect and had Diana’s name written all over it. There was water where children would play and families having picnics. Diana was a beautiful person and her legacy lives on today. Even though I was only there for a short while, I was blessed to walk across the ground that bears her name in remembrance.

Right, next to the park was a statue dedicated to Peter Pan. J.M. Barries boy who would never grow up has continued to inspire many. I felt that this statue was fitting being so close. Both Princess Diana and Peter Pan have, and still are, inspiring so many people around the world.


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