London Film Museum Part 2: Sci-Fi and Horror


Two of my favorite movie genres are Sci-Fi and horror. So, it was a blessing to see some of the costumes that were used in these movies. From Planet of the Apes to Alien, it was there. Some of the props that were used are kind of gruesome, however, it just adds to the dedication that went into making the movie as real as possible. After viewing this section I had a new found enjoyment of watching these movies over again. As for horror, they had Hannibal Lectors shirt he had worn in jail and The Mummy. There was so much enjoyment in seeing all of this up close.




Another part of the tour were props they had used in Star Wars. Unfortunately, you couldn’t take any pictures inside the display. So, I had taken some outside. Although, I am not a huge Star Wars buff, I was ecstatic to see some of the props they had used in one of the most popular and mocked movies of all time.


One of my favorite TV shows is Doctor Who, so getting to see actual Daleks and a TARDIS made me ecstatic.


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