The 19th Amendment

The women who came before us fought long and hard to win our right to vote--make sure you're registered (the deadline for some states is TODAY) so you can raise your voice by voting in the midterms! #vintage #posterOn August 18th, 1920 the 19th Amendment was passed. This historic law made it legal for women to vote in the United States of America. Looking back on how far we have come as a country that has allowed women to vote makes me feel proud. In the past, I have read and heard that in many countries the right for a woman to vote is not possible. In fact, a couple of years ago I remember a story about a ninety year old woman who just cast her first vote. She was unable to vote in her own country due to laws. When she moved here and she became an American citizen she was given the privilege of casting a vote. After hearing many stories around the world, I don’t take my right to vote for granted. Many women and men in the past had fought for women to have this right. Today, women in America are able to vote. They are able to vote in other countries, like Canada and the United Kingdom. But, they are not able to vote in other countries. The 19th Amendment paved the way for women to get involved in politics, voice their opinion, and be more involved in their own country. I am blessed to have the right and privilege to vote. However, many woman around the world are not as lucky as I am in the United States and some other countries.

3 thoughts on “The 19th Amendment

  1. patsgonesailing says:

    I usually don’t vote. Over the years I have become jaded in my view of politics. I do believe however in having the choice to vote which really what our country is built on, freedom. It’s terrific to have an amendment to a document which really helps give that freedom to people who truly should have never lost it. Thanks for the article!

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