Writing 101 Day 2: The List

Writing 101’s assignment is to make a list of things you like. So, here it goes.

  1. Harry Potter, I have all the movies and I have read all the books numerous times. J.K. Rowling is a huge inspiration to me.
  2. Reading up on World War II. When I was six my parents got me the American Girl doll, Molly McIntire, since then I have been been a huge World War II buff.
  3. Vintage Holidays cards on Pinterest. I can never get enough of looking at what holiday cards, like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, etc. looked like back in the 1900’s.
  4. Horror Movies, above all my favorite movie genre. I love all the old monster horror movies like Frankenstein and Dracula, up until the slasher films involving Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers. Michael Myers is the best one in my opinion.
  5. Yoga, I discovered yoga last year and I have yet to stop going to classes. Although, I stopped going to hot yoga during the summer because it got to hot.
  6. Broadway Musicals. I find these to be a big inspiration to me when writing. I have had a long love for them and have seen many of them live. Not all of them I have seen on Broadway.
  7. Edgar Allan Poe, he is probably my favorite author of all time. After him there is F.Scott Fitzgerald, Shakespeare, J.K. Rowling, and Virginia Woolf. I love all of Poe’s work and have a collection of it at home.
  8. The Great Gastby is my favorite book of all time. Edgar Allan Poe may be my favorite author, but F.Scott Fitzgerald has mesmerized me with his work on the jazz age through The Great Gatsby. I have all of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s work as well.
  9. Cartoons are the bomb! I still wake up on Saturday mornings to watch Spongebob and stay up late on Friday’s and Saturday’s to watch the 90’s Are All That on TeenNick.
  10. Nancy Drew is my hero. A teenage sleuth who follows her brain and wit to getting to the bottom of a mystery. Nancy Drew is the fictional female heroine I have looked up to since my early teens. I still read the books and play the Herinteractive games.
  11. Tea and sushi are my favorite food and drink. Can’t go a day without tea, and I have learned to live without eating sushi every day.

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