The Statue of Liberty

Back when I was in sixth grade I took a class trip to the Statue of Liberty. Unfortunately, I visited the historic copper statue shortly after September 11, 2001. So, I was unable to go up inside the statue and have a view from the top. None the less, getting to see the Statue of Liberty is something that I won’t forget. Getting to walk around the outside and see her from all angles. I will admit going into New York shortly after 9/11 did have a somber feeling to it. As we were heading to the Statue of Liberty, I saw the spot where the World Trade Centers stood. Although, I had never been to New York before this moment, I will admit it felt as though there was something missing. Visiting the Statue of Liberty was an opportunity I hope to have again.


3 thoughts on “The Statue of Liberty

  1. Pleasant Street says:

    I hope you get your wish someday and go up inside of it. I went up into the crown and it meant more to me than I expected. I got lucky, I arrived in New York after they had closed it down for renovations for a long time and just reopened.

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