Writing 101 Day 7: Hook ’em With a Quote

Tomorrow is promised to no one. Only what is done for Christ will last. Always remember this...:  There are so many people out there who need others. When I came across this quote just a few seconds ago on Pinterest, it “spoke” to me, so to say. There are so many people who would be lost with out a one person if they were to pass on tomorrow. There have been times when I have heard from people who know someone who had committed suicide. When someone does take their life, they leave behind those that are lost. I have not known someone who is close to me who has committed suicide. However, I have seen the effect it has on those around them. Their family and friends feel lost, while their peers and acquaintances are in shock at a lost as well. I have seen and heard it where someone who doesn’t even know the person who took their life well and they feel lost.

As life progresses on, you realize that there are more people who need you more than you need them. I don’t know who is out there that needs me right now that comes to mind. I do know that I was put on this earth for a reason. God does have a purpose for everyone that walks. He keeps them here on earth until it is time for them to join Him. But, I do know that by living, I do hope to make a difference in the world some day. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but I do believe that one person can change the world because their life is just as significant as the next.


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