Writing 101 Day 13: Compose a Series of Vignettes

How does one build a story from the bottom up? Where to begin for the author. Of course we all know the basics, create a character with a backstory using the setting around them. There are many ways we create a character with how their story can go.

Lets say we have Margaret, a young quiet thirteen year old girl who dreams of becoming something bigger. One day she gets the chance of a life time to guest star in her favorite TV show. All of this makes her a sensation in her small school in her small hometown over night. Everyone, including the popular kids want to be her friend. She loses her way becoming to in with the popular crowd who are bad influences. Participating in all of their events, such as partying and dating. She finds that she does not care to be in this crowd after being pushed to far by the hot boy on campus.  During this time, she loses her one good friends, including the one who has a secret crush on her.

Once she flies out to be on this popular TV show she learns things aren’t what they seem. She goes against everything that she had wanted and leaves. When she gets back home there is no one, not even her once close friends want to be with her. After some teenage soul searching she finds her way back to making things as they were before all of this happened. Although, she finds herself dating the boy who had a crush on her.

Now lets say, things go in the opposite direction. Margaret gets the chance of a lifetime and still maintains her good friends. She shuns the popular crowd proving that she is stronger than they once thought. When she flies out to film this special episode she discovers that things aren’t what they seem. Knowing that there is a future for her, according to her parents and teachers, she goes back home to focus on her studies with her good friends close by.

The final scenario with Margaret can go with either one of the above, but lets say she does like filming this show. She goes out and everyone is nice to her. On her first day, she is a hit among the cast. The people in the cast and crew work their best to make sure that is made a series regular. In doing so, she becomes a world wide phenom with movies and a recording contract on the way. Margaret has finally accomplished her dreams of being the one time small town girl.

Margaret is just one of the few characters that can be made up. We have seen many movies and shows and read books that have a character like this. We want the character to learn an important lesson at the end through build up done by each word starting from the beginning. I could have written Margaret as a young girl whose parents bought her way into this part. Or I could have written Margaret as a reckless and uncaring girl who is not worthy of an opportunity like this.

When it comes down to creating a story there are many ways that a story can take twists and turns through one character. The plot all starts inside the mind of the author. Sometimes, when I am writing I don’t even know where the ending is going to be or what is going to happen to certain characters.


5 thoughts on “Writing 101 Day 13: Compose a Series of Vignettes

  1. rosemawrites says:

    Great take on this assignment. It contains the story and it also has a ‘tutorial’ type of structure. Nice one!

    I agree also that the story and the characters always felt like they have their own life. It’s as if they know what would happen to them before we knew it.


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