Writing 101 Day 16: Search Your Stats for a Post Idea

After viewing my stats, I have come to realization that many of my viewers are from the United States of America. I hail from the same country as many of my readers do. So, I have decided to look into seeing what would be most interesting to write to the readers that I have. However, there has been on thing that I have been waiting to blog about and I feel that now is the perfect time to do it, the Super Blood Moon.

Embedded image permalinkLast night there was an eclipse near where I live called the Super Blood Moon. The last time this happened was 1985. I was grateful to hear that the next time this happen will be in eighteen years and not thirty. But, getting to see this moon from where I was, was quite spectacular. I was unable to get a good shot at the moon. But, the colors were quite interesting. I did not get to see the whole eclipse as it was quite chilly outside. None the less, I did get to see the moon during this eclipse. There was something that was just beautiful about the moon last night. In the year 2033, I hope to see the moon again when the eclipse happens again. I also hope to improve my photography skills and take better ones for the next one. It may not be a blood moon eclipse, but none the less it will be an eclipse that will be worth capturing.

(The photo at the top came from pinterest and the one next to the paragraph is the one that I took.)


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