MM/SKM: Samara Morgan

This Is What The Scary Girl From “The Ring” Looks Like Now: One of the first horror movies that ever scared me was The Ring. All of my friends had seen it and I just had to see it. Many of them told me that the ending was the creepiest thing of all. I remember renting the movie and popping it in the DVD player. As the movie started, I wasn’t as scared as some of my friends were. But as the movie went on, I got the chills. The feeling that someone was right behind me. Jumping when ever the phone rang was something that happened for a couple weeks after viewing this movie.

The Ring had quite the interesting movie killer: Samara Morgan. This young girl was adopted because her mother wanted a child. However, Samara had the ability to burn images into the minds of others. Her parents took her and locked her away from the rest of the world. Eventually, her mother can’t stand it anymore and murders her. As time goes on we learn that Samara is a vengeful spirit who had created a cursed videotape leading anyone who watches it to die in seven days. It took Samara seven days to die and that is how long she keeps the victims alive torturing them. I have mixed feelings about Samara Morgan. I realize that she was just a little girl who wanted to be loved with a power out of her control. None the less, she is a killer that kills in no way that any other horror movie that I have seen before.


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