MM/SKM: King Kong

King Kong, 1933 King Kong = Empire State Building = New York = Huge = Iconic.: “It was beauty killed the beast.” is a quote that many of us have heard before. Another favored tale that we all know about a animal taken out of his natural habitat. King Kong, as many of us know, is a giant gorilla who lived on Skull Island. An uncharted territory where a couple of scientist and a beautiful young girl discover this beast. Seeing the attachment Kong has to the young girl they look to tame him. Unbeknownst to them, there will be hell to pay once they reach New York. We have all seen parodies of the infamous scene with the Empire State Building with King Kong holding Ann on top.

However, King Kong was accidentally lead to this rampage. He was taken into a theater and put on display in a theater. Believing flashes from the cameras to be an attack he broke loose. Unable to receive any time to adjust to the business of New York, King Kong had to be taken down. So, whose fault is it for King Kong’s deadly rampage through the city of New York?


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