MM/SKM: The Invisible Man

Claude Rains - “The Invisible Man” (1933): Science and horror are a match made in heaven in 1933’s The Invisible Man. There is nothing more terrifying than a man who goes mad based on his own invention. When we are first introduced to Jack Griffin, the invisible man, we see him in an inn. He goes in creeping out all who are around him. Covered in bandages with glasses to cover his eyes we don’t see what he looks like underneath. The moment he takes off his clothes in his hotel room to the lady that walks in there is a “freak out” moment. There is a woman in the room and he is undressing! What the heck is the first thing that comes to mind. When we don’t see the man we know that some serious crap is about to go down.

As the Invisible Man goes on with his life, his mind descends into madness as part of his own invention. We see and hear him go to acquaintances as he tries to make everything right to no avail. He goes out of his way with his friends to try and stop himself from becoming something horrible. The only problem is, is that he is already the horrible monster himself. Jack Griffin becomes the monster that no one sees, that in itself is terrifying. Where is he? What is he up to? Who will he kill next? We don’t see what Jack Griffin looks like until the final scene. All we know is that there is an invisible mad man killing people.


2 thoughts on “MM/SKM: The Invisible Man

  1. rachelloon says:

    Oh, man–and I mean the invisible one here; Claude Raines was my fictional (in that he was dead and I’d never met him) boyfriend when I was like, 14. Always happy to see him (or not, lol) even now. 😀

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