MM/SKM: Jason Voorhees

JASON VOORHEES - Friday the 13th Part III (1982): Jason Voorhees is known for avenging his mother’s death at Camp Crystal Lake. Among the teenagers who he slaughters with his machete while wearing the iconic hockey mask Jason has his own fandom. Jason is unstoppable in all of his films. In some movies we have him starting out as being dead and then brought back to life by some freak accident. Whether it be a psychic girl or a metal rod being hit by lightning, Jason knows how to cheat death again and again. Although, this does make Jason sound a little bit like a zombie, he is unstoppable once you give him a machete or some form of weaponry.

Pamela Voorhees "Betsy Palmer" And Jason Voorhees "Kane Hodder" The "Friday The 13th" Series (1980-Present): I do admit, I do have some sympathy for Jason as he is mentally challenged and watched his mother die. Imagine the one person who cared about you the most in the world being killed right in front of you. Admittedly, his mother was insane and had slaughtered quite a few teens herself. But, Jason loved his mother more than anything. Jason avenging his mother’s death is the core as to why he kills so many people before he got buried in the ground. He wants to make sure that no one upsets him or his mothers grave.


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