MM/SKM: The Bride of Frankenstein

1935 ... 'Bride Of Frankenstein': The monster’s mate is what our next movie monster is called in the credits. No one knows who portrayed her then for they kept the name out of the credits. But, now with we are able to learn who this actress was. I will not type the name as you have to find out for yourself. However, this actress created one of the most iconic horror movie monsters ever: the bride of Frankenstein. Well, the bride of the Frankenstein monster. There are no other words to describe the epic scene when she “awakens” from death to be born again and see the monster. She screams out of shock and terror at her. The bride of Frankenstein is iconic for me because there was no other movie monster like her at the time. There was nothing else that compared to the black hair with the white streak through. Watching The Bride of Frankenstein must have shocked some of the audiences their first time through learning about what would happen. Yes, she only has a few minutes at the end, but the monster’s mate creates a perfect monster in those final moments.


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