MM/SKM: The Frankenstein Monster

Is there a more iconic image of Frankenstein's monster?: This next monster is supposed to be the mate to the one down below. We commonly call this monster Frankenstein, but in reality there is no name. Frankenstein is the name of the doctor who had created this hideous beast. Obsessed with bringing the dead back from life Dr. Frankenstein brought back one of the most terrifying monsters in movie history: the Frankenstein monster. This monster does not know right from wrong as he is kept chained up against a wall. He is picked on by the assistant and does understand the amount of strength that he holds. When we first see the monster we know that this is a mad scientists experiment gone wrong. What we don’t  know is how far it has gone wrong. Yes, today we know because of all the parodies. But, just think of being an audience member and watching this all come to “life” on screen. The Frankenstein monster is one of the monsters who has created nightmares, yet is one that I feel bad for.


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