MM/SKM: Imhotep

Karloff mummy no wonder I had nitemares, but wouldnt lay off this stuff either...: When Imhotep is brought back to life in 1932’s The Mummy anything goes. From the moment we see him be mummified to him walking out of sarcophagus, there is something truly terrifying about Imhotep. A cruel high priest, whose subjects killed him off has come back when the curse is broken. When he does come back from the dead he has powers that are terrifying. If only, the archaeologists knew what they would bring back a monster who had the power to control the minds of others. When we watch Imhotep do what he can to make sure he gets his revenge for what happened to him, instantly we are terrified. Although, all of those who wronged him are dead we see that Imhotep is out for revenge against anyone who bears a resemblance.


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