MM/SKM: Jack Torrance

The Shining: Jack Torrance's Redrum, distilled and bottled at The Overlook Hotel. Love this.: Imagine living in an inn during the winter months all alone with your family. As time goes on you realize that something is terribly wrong with your father/husband. As time moves on, you realize that something is terribly wrong with the hotel as well. This is what happens to the Torrance family in The Shining. Stephen King created quite the scary story when he introduced the world to The Overlook Hotel. Stanley Kubrick took his book and created one of the most frightening movies of all time. When we watch The Shining for the first time we watch Jack Nicholson portray Jack Torrance descend slowly into madness.

However, we don’t realize how long he has been going insane until that moment when his wife discovers what he had been writing for his book. “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy,” over and over again. Right from there we learn that Jack had been going crazy by the hotel and things go downright scary. We watch in terror as Jack takes the ax knocks down the door. His family is completely terrified of him knowing that the hotel has changed him. Jack Torrance started out wanting to change his life for the better, only to succumb to the horror of the hotel.


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