MM/SKM: Alien

Miedo, cojones: The last MM/SKM post was about an alien known as a yautja/predator. This post is about the scariest alien ever in horror movie history. This creature called a xenomorph gave me nightmares from the moment it popped out of the guys chest to the time when Ripley blew it away. A xenomorph has no conscious except to kill and impregnate living animals, including humans. We watch in the 1979 class Alien, as the crew of the Nostromo try to kill this fiend only to no avail. One by one each of them are picked off as this monster gains speed and growth. The biggest problem is, that they are in space and their is no where to go. They can’t run outside and lock him up. Nope, if they want to survive they have to kill this alien.

In the sequel Aliens, we watch in terror as we learn more about this xenomorph race. We are introduced to the queen xenomorph who’s “children” have killed off every living human there. This time, there are places for the characters to go. The only problem is that there are so many of them creeping and crawling that you can’t escape. The xenomorph race is quite possibly the most terrifying race ever created. It is like the nightmare alien with no eyes and  tail. The hands are webbed with a mouth inside of the mouth. The xenomorphs are scary and I hope their isn’t something more terrifying out there like them.


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