MM/SKM: Mark (Peeping Tom)

Before we had Norman Bates, we had Mark from the British 1960 film Peeping Tom. This man is a complete psychopath who makes sure that his victims watch as he kills them. He has a hidden camera that allows him to photograph all of his victims as they are murdered. This movie is one of the first films to exploit voyeurism as this is what Mark does. Right from the beginning we have him filming a prostitute with a camera hidden under his coat. Now remember, this is the year 1960, nothing had been done like this before. He had to hold make sure the camera was able to sit in a certain position as he filmed some of the victims. Imagine watching yourself be killed as a psychopath with a mirror. We watch the victims fight back, but this is a movie and their is nothing they can do. Mark is one of the first killers to shock the audience with his techniques of using a camera.


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