MM/SKM: Mars, Papa Jupiter, and Pluto

hillsThe Hills Have Eyes has two of the most creepiest movie killers Mars, Papa Jupiter and Pluto. We watch as these three maniacs cause a family pain in their short lives. They set the dad on fire and rape the mother and daughter of a family on a camping trip. A simple family vacation that we all have taken with our own families. Little does this family know that they are about to encounter a vicious family of mutant cannibals who want nothing more than to eat them. Mas, Papa Jupiter, and Pluto are truly terrifying mad men because of everything they do. We know they are there and what they are going to do. What we don’t know is how far they are going to go. These men go as far as they can to make this families vacation hell. The only question left is, how many others were there?


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