MM/SKM: Rhoda Penmark

Patty McCormack as Rhoda, the original child from hell in The Bad Seed (1956) (via LIFE): From the horror classic The Bad Seed, we are introduced to an unlikely villain. A pretty little girl with her hair in blonde braids, we watch in horror as Rhoda Penmark leaves her mark on horror. When we are introduced to this high functioning sociopath we look at her as a normal girl playing the piano. We watch her get gifts and tap dance like an adorable child. As the film goes on we watch as this sweet and charming girl leaves her mark on horror movie history. No one expects her to be the one to drown her classmate. Rhoda has no sympathy for what was happening at the time. But, a cute little girl who dances and wears a pinafore dress is an unlikely suspect. However, she is a cruel little sociopath who we can’t help but wonder what she is going to do next.


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