MM/SKM: Cujo

Poor Cujo. It wasn't his fault.: If you ever have a dog that gets bitten by a bat, just do what the boy in Old Yeller had to do and shoot the dog. I know this sounds cruel, but if you ever see Cujo you will understand. We are introduced to this lovely Saint Bernard dog who is loved by his family. However, when the dog turns rabid everything changes. We watch as this dog who is loved by his owners leads everyone around him to terror. In the infamous car scene, when we think everyone is safe and Cujo is trying to get in. The window is shut, but we know that the dog is going to figure out a way to get in the car. We know what had turned Cujo into a crazy hound, what we don’t know is why it took so long for the family to figure out that their dog had gone completely insane. Cujo, is the boy and his dog story with a twist on what could go wrong can go wrong.


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