MM/SKM: Gage Creed

Gage Creed — Pet Sematary | The 13 Most Terrifying Stephen King Characters: When we watch in terror as Gage Creed, who is only a child, when he gets killed we fill terrible for his family. This lovable child who wandered into the road by accident got hit by a truck. We feel for this parents as they struggle to accept the fact that he is gone. Near the Creed’s home is a cemetery for pets called pet sematary. From there we watch as Gage’s father, Louis, notices a cat that was buried come back from the dead. When Louis gets the idea to bring Gage back to life, he brings doesn’t bring back the son he once had. Instead, he brought back something much more sinister. Gage no longer has a soul and his body is now a walking force of evil. We know that this is not the real Gage as he was lost his life. But, Louis brings Gage back in hope of having his family back together like they once were. To Louis’s horror, Gage starts to kill and Louis realizes Gage is not the son he once was. Stephen King’s Pet Sematary, to me is a warning tale, about not messing with the dead. Even though we want to bring back a loved one whom we miss dearly, we don’t know what we will end up bringing back. As Louis Creed learned the hard way with trying to put his family back together by bringing back Gage.


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