MM/SKM: Isaac from Children of the Corn

Isaac Chroner from Children of the Corn (1984): Kids are portrayed as being cute, friendly, and sometimes brats. However, if you see Children of the Corn you will possibly have a different perspective. In a town that is run by bible thumping demon children, adults are not allowed. Any adult that comes in their path is killed. The leader of this cult of kids is Isaac. A young boy who takes the bible and turns it against everyone around him. A false prophet, Isaac is able to convince all of the children to kill any adults and has those who reach adulthood shunned from the community. The only thing I could think of when I watched this movie is, what will happen to Isaac once he reaches adulthood? Will he manage to turn the kids so that they allow him to stay? Or will the kids who follow him turn against him when they realize the horrible deeds they had done?


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