MM/SKM: John Ryder

Rutger Hauer - The Hitcher: I don’t think many people started picking up hitchhikers after they saw The Hitcher. A man gets offered a ride by typical people. Then as they drive along he decides to murder them in their own vehicles. John Ryder is the ultimate warning as to why you shouldn’t hitchhike and why you should not pick up hitchhikers. As we watch him murder Jim in the opening scene  when he presses on the accelerator, we know that more is bound to come. The most terrifying scene out of this 1986 classic, is when he causes a woman’s body to split into two. He ties him down to two different vehicles. Pressing down on the gas we watch as this woman’s body is split. Imagine that being the way to die. You are tied down knowing your body will be split in two. I think, John Ryder comes with his own warning label about picking up hitchhikers.


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