MM/SKM: Max Cady

Robert Mitchum - Cape Fear 1962: Out for revenge against a lawyer who wronged him, Max Cady will stop at nothing until he has his revenge. In 1962 movie Cape Fear, we are introduced to the picture perfect family, the Bowdens. He is out for blood against Sam Bowden, the lawyer who he believed wrong him. Sam Bowden was the lawyer who testified against him. We watch as Max stalks this family causing them distress by killing their dog. Then the scene comes when Max targets Peggy and Nancy Bowden, the mother and daughter. In a horrific, climatic scene we watch as Max approaches them. Intending to kill them off as final revenge for Sam testifying against him, we know that matters are going to have to be taken into someone’s hands at some point. The real question left is, how far would you go to stop a mad man from harming your family, even if it means your own destruction?


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