MM/SKM: The Castevets

the Castevets: Everyone knows who their neighbors are. Everyone tries to be as friendly as possible to them. I have neighbors who I get along with. Thankfully, none of my neighbors are devil worshipers who made a pact with the devil, literally, to bring his son into the world. When we watch Roman Polanski’s masterpiece Rosemary’s Baby, we see Mia Farrow’s character Rosemary get raped by the devil. She wakes up the next morning believing it to be a dream only to later realize that there are one to many devil worshipers in her life. From the doctor to her husband, the Castevets manage to make Rosemary cut off from outside help. A husband and wife who come off as a bit eccentric, go out of their way to pleasing the devil. We watch as Rosemary starts to realize that the Castevets are behind everything that causes her life to be down right miserable. Her life turns upside down as the Castavets call the shots to make sure everything goes their way. To me, the Castavets are the ultimate bad neighbors that will take everything you love dear and turn it against you.


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