MM/SKM: Chernabog

ChernabogIf you are ever wondering what the name of the demon is on top of Bald Mountain in the final sequence of Fantasia, it is Chernabog. There you go, you now know the name of the black winged, horned creature with yellow eyes that brings spirits back from the dead to play with. He uses the magic that he was born with to terrorize the little village that is down below him. Although, we don’t see an “living” people in this piece, there is the sense that they know what is going on. As a child, my parents used to have to shut off Fantasia before this piece because Chernabog gave me nightmares. The thought of a demon creating pigs out of thin air then throwing them into the fire terrified me. Yet for some reason I still insisted on seeing the final sequence. Everything came alive in this town and just flew to Chernabog, which showed more of his evil power. Chernabog may not have spoken a single word, yet he is known as a Disney villain.


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