MM/SKM: Kalabar

 I know this is one movie monster that appears in the popular Disney Channel Movie Halloweentown. But, lets face it he did try to take over the human world. He did leave his son plans for world domination. All of this happened because Kalabar lost the love of his life to a mortal. Kalabar is the mayor of Halloweentown who uses his power to get what he wants. When we are introduced to him we like him, he is nice to the kids and shows sympathy for those who have been affected by a spell. Although, those around don’t know it is he who cast the spell, he does fake concern. When we are introduced to him as an evil being we see a man who wears a black cloak with a green face that has scars shaped like stitches. I didn’t see Halloweentown until I was a little bit older, but I do know many who it scared. Kalabar is a Disney villain who is able to scare kids because of his crazy plans for domination, his hidden double life, and his powers that he uses to hurt as many people as possible.


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