MM./SKM: Alex Forrest

Alex Forrest, 'Fatal Attraction'When I first watched Fatal Attraction, I felt bad for Alex Forrest as she was being dumped by Dan. A married man who just wanted to have a weekend fling. She felt betrayed and was heartbroken. At some point in our lives we get our hearts broken and feel betrayed by those who we thought loved us. However, not many of us will kill a rabbit and boil it on a stove. We don’t know where Alex is going to strike next to destroy Dan and his family. When Dan’s wife finds out we watch as she feels betrayed and his daughter watches the fight. Alex’s goal is to ultimately make Dan pay for what he did to her. She follow, sabotages him, and hides out in his bathroom. Alex Forrest is on scary woman because she does not seem like the villain we thought she was when we first meet her. Just think, how far can one heartbreak take one person?


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