MM/SKM: Curt Duncan

“Have you checked the children.” is a quote from the 1979 class When A Stranger Calls. A movie based on the legend of the babysitter and the man upstairs. Curt Duncan fits the psychopath perfectly with his ability to kill two children with his own two hands. At first we don’t see Curt, we only hear his voice. We hear him terrorize Jill, the babysitter, to the point where she calls the police. When the line “The call is coming from inside the house,” is said by the policeman we are frightened. We don’t know where this man is or how he got in. All we see of him is a shadow before he as Jill escapes. Later, Curt is shown to have escaped an insane asylum up to his old tricks again. Curt Duncan is by far a scary man as he is able to slip in and out of places undetected. He is the perfect scare for those who want a reason to never babysit again.


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