MM/SKM: Billy

Unlike the 2006 remake of the 1974 classic Black Christmas, we never see the killer. We do see his hands as he kills the young women in the sorority house. We hear his voice as he makes vulgar phone calls to them. We only see a glimpse of him when the girl hears him behind a door. All we see there is his eyeball right before she slams the door on him. Billy didn’t even get his name until the final line in the movie is said when he calls his someone named Agnes. Black Christmas may have been considered a terrible slasher by some, but to me there is mystery to who this man is. We don’t know what he looks like. We don’t even find out what he looks like. For all we know he could have been one of the cops investigating, a parent who is looking for revenge, a young girl who was victimized in the house, or one an angry ex-boyfriend. We don’t know who he is! That is the greatness that makes Billy from Black Christmas one of the great slasher villains because we don’t know why he targeted this particular sorority house, nor do we know why he wanted to kill them all.


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