MM/SKM: Candyman

Horror Icon - Candyman. I love Tony Todd!: Let’s face it as a teenager how many of use went to a sleepover and said Candyman five times in the mirror. We all know the legend, you say it in the mirror in the bathroom and he is supposed to come out and kill you or something like that. In the 1992 movie Candyman, this urban legend became all to real for a doctoral student. We know, due to the title, that the Candyman is going to be appearing and killing people, once you finish the spell. What we don’t know is just how far this is going to go? As people are picked off one by one, we know it is the Candyman. But, how do you stop him? How do you stop a man who has bees flying in his mouth as he tries to avenge the men who had wrongfully killed him? I have a feeling many people weren’t playing Candyman anymore after they saw the movie, as he was one scary dude who once summoned would not go away.


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