MM/SKM: Freddy Krueger

freddy krueger | Freddy_Krueger.pngLet’s face it, Freddy Krueger is one of the scariest movie monsters ever. Even though he is technically a dream demon, Freddy has the razor claw and thirst for vengeance that won’t stop him. That is until a group of teens think to outsmart him at his own game. When we are introduced to Freddy we already know that his intention is to kill the teens of the parents who murdered him. A child molester and murderer who was set free due to a technicality on the search warrant that was signed, lead the parents to form a mob and burn him alive. When we are introduced to a dream that Freddy is in, we don’t find out until the moment we see the hat, hear the screech of the razor claw, and at least one person in the red and green striped sweater. Now, Freddy may be cracking some jokes that leads some people to laugh. Even though they are crude and revolting, there is something about Freddy Krueger that doesn’t just make him scary, but funny as well.

Haha you need to know the movie to understand this:


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