MM/SKM: Jigsaw

hehehehehhehe hehhehehehehehe hehehhehehehhehe: “Do you want to play a game?” are the first words we hear from Jigsaw through that creepy clown puppet. A man who was diagnosed with a brain tumor that will eventually kill him sets his eyes on people who he wants punished. He goes after the drug addicts, the unfaithful married man, and those who have attempted suicide. Jigsaw, technically, doesn’t kill any of his victims. He just kidnaps them and puts them in a torture chamber. Whether it be being burned a alive to jumping into a pit of used hypodermic needles, he stops at nothing. Very few pass the tests that Jigsaw sets out for his victims, they all have to go to the extremes to prove that they are worthy of living to a formidable foe who is watching their every move. Jigsaw is one of a kind for, we don’t always know where he is going to strike next or how far his victims are going to go in a bloody attempt to escape his madness.


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