MM/SKM: Jerry Blake

The stepfather. La vie sourit à Jerry Blake. Il vient de se marier avec une jeune femme veuve et devient alors le beau-père d'une petite fille adorable. Mais Jerry a un objectif bien particulier : fonder la famille parfaite. Tout va pour le mieux jusqu'à ce que cette nouvelle famille commence par plusieurs aspects à le décevoir. L'homme n'aura alors aucuns scrupules à tuer...pour le "rêve américain".: The 1987 movie The Stepfather we are introduced to a man who can’t live without a family. A man who’s real name we never really learn because he starts dating mom, and BAM he is part of the family. The only problem is that if the family disappoints him, he kills them. Jerry Blake is what this man is known as for most of the movie. At the start of the movie we see him as Henry Morrison right after he kills one of his families. Towards the end of the movie we hear him adapt the name of Billy Hodgkins. We don’t know what is going to set Jerry off that will lead him to kill the family he is currently in. We don’t even learn his original name. All we know is that he is a man who is smart enough, to kill a family and make a run for it by adapting a new name and getting a new job. Jerry Blake doesn’t look like a mass murderer, but then again, we don’t really know who he actually is or where he came from.


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