MM/SKM: Count Orlock

Count Orlock lll: One of the first vampires to grace the screen is Count Orlock in Nosferatu. This 1922 silent German horror film brought a creepy looking vampire to life. Count Orlock is someone who you know right from the start is trouble. You don’t want to get on his bad side, for you know something bad would happen to you. The face that he has with a protruding forehead with eyes that seem to pop out. The way that he stands up without bending his knees from his coffin. He has these long finger nails that look just as sharp as his teeth when he moves them. Actually, his finger nails make his hands look more claw like than they do hand like. The way that he acts around others is what makes Count Orlock frightening. That epic scene when he is going up the stairs towards a victim is what has made Count Orlock as an immortal vampire in the world of theater. In fact, Count Orlock is so scary, he is definitely someone who you would want to avoid in real life if you were to meet him.


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