MM/SKM: The Blair Witch

The Blair Witch Project; 1999 American psychological horror film. Top Freaky #Movies. But, don't bother with Part II.: We never see her, we only hear of her putting children in the corner before she kills them. As a couple of unsuspecting film students make their way through the forest in search of the infamous Blair Witch. They get lost and soon find out that the Blair Witch is not just a legend. When one gets lost in the woods, the last thing we hear from him is a scream that no one can figure out witch direction it came from. In the woods alone, we watch as the two final campers try to find their way out of her clutches. They soon discover that there is no way that they can escape the Blair Witch once they find her house. There is no escape from an invisible force of evil that is known as the Blair Witch.


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